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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why I love Target

1. It's not Walmart
2. You can be cool and make it sound French
3. It's still not Walmart
4. They have a growing scrapbook section
5. I seem to find something I didn't know I could live without every time I go there
6. Their cereal is much cheaper than the grocery store
7. It is still NOT Walmart
8. Their Christmas section is in full bloom right now...I love Christmas decorations
9. I love the bookcase I got at fact I have FOUR of them
10. On Thursday night, while shopping at Target, I dropped a $20 bill at the register. I didn't notice and drove home. On arriving at home I realized that my hard earned cash was missing so I called Target in a panic knowing that there was no way I would ever see that money again. To my surprise after telling them what register I was at, they said "Oh yes we have it." Hooray! Yipeee! YES!! And that is the most important reason why I LOVE TARGET!!!!


Anonymous Susie said...

I love Tar-zhay, too, Marie.

Mostly because I can ALWAYS find something I didn't really need.

11:22 AM  

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