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Friday, March 14, 2008

a big announcement

No, the boy has not made his big debut, but I would like to announce the birth of the new and improved a day in the life. Yup, I am taking the plunge over at typepad as tonight was the final straw of blogger frustrations. Take note it is definitely a work in progress, but I am excited about all the possibilities of what typepad can bring. So head on over-hope to see you there.

By the way, a little note to the other Marie Taylor who has my wished for URL, I hope you enjoy it. Hmphf.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. yup, still pregnant.
2. I swear I am not trying to turn this into the Ten on Tuesday blog.
3. The boy is measuring big because of his breech position so it is causing lots of contractions. Sometimes 3-5 minutes apart. But they aren't doing a single thing. Boo.
4. I have been tagged twice now. I swear I will get to that soon.
5. My hopes of having my water breaking at Hibachi Japan again did not come true. But the Japanese on the back of my fortune was children. That's promising.
6. I must say I am getting really, really tired of snow.
7. I need another book to read. Time to send Bj to the library or I am going to send us into bankruptcy. Or perhaps I should just invest in Border's stock.
8. I watched August Rush today. It was...good. Little things bothered me like when a melody line goes down, your hands on a piano should not go up. And the guitar would not sound like that in the method it was being played. It also must be said that it drove me CRAZY that in Mr. Holland's Opus, the character of Mr. Holland held the baton in his left hand. Doesn't matter if you are left handed. It always goes in the right. This is where I wish I could just enjoy a music movie. Not pick it apart.
9. I laughed out loud when Suzanne sent me this at 3:30 this morning. It wasn't 3:30 her time. But yes, I was awake at 3:30 this morning.
10. March Madness is coming soon so I just thought I would remind you all of this.
Because it will never get old to tease Matt about my two straight wins. And I need to hold this over his head as he has promised that he will call the boy Bubba.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No baby today,

and it didn't work. So back to the drawing board. For the record, not necessarily a procedure I would recommend. Nope. Not at all. Now I am going back to bed.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I could end up having a baby tomorrow.
2. Why you ask? Because tomorrow I am scheduled for a version.
3. Hoping for a bit of a miracle tonight and have this stubborn boy to do the hokey pokey.
4. If no miracle, hoping for my procedure to be problem free.
5. And hoping that my delivery soundtrack I so carefully created for, you know the actual delivery will calm me down during this not so pleasant procedure.
6. So my bag(s) are packed.
7. Bj is home from his quick trip to Virginia.
8. Lily is at her Nonnie and Bapa's house (although I have to say that was one of the hardest things tonight as I might not be able to see her for a few days and that just breaks my heart. And the next time I see her I may have changed her world forever. Oh and no visitors under 15 allowed because of the flu epidemic, so no meeting her brother until we come home.)
9. And I am so hoping that no matter what I will actually have some posts coming up that aren't about all these problems, but ring of good news, or show some really cute pictures.
10. But until then, I will leave you with knowing that the boy's name will be


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.
2. I just seem to spend way too much time at the doctor lately. On Friday it will be FIVE times in two weeks.
3. Because I am in the beginning stages of preeclampsia and am now kinda on bed rest. Not lay on the bed for 24hrs a day, but for most of it. Thank goodness I have crazy low blood pressure to begin with or I would be even more bored.
4. I don't really have much to say because I am not doing anything fun.
5. Except we are teaching Lily how to whisper a secret in our ear. Most of the time she puts her ear up to ours. But today she whispered to me that she loved me.
6. I needed that.
7. I did scrap on Sunday and soon will have a very cool project to share. I am excited about it. Just need to put on some finishing touches.
8. But I probably won't be doing those finishing touches in my scraproom.
9. Not because I should be sitting on the couch instead of at my scrap table.
10. Because to top everything off, I have a MOUSE LIVING IN MY SCRAPROOM. Jack (the cat) has found it (and lost it) twice. Finnegan is scared of it. And for the record, mice squeak REALLY, REALLY loud. So nice that I know this. Do you know how much STUFF I have in my scraproom? *sigh*

The mouse is GONE. I got it this morning with a broom and Bj carried it out to the wild wilderness behind our house that apparently sends us all these things. Should I have been the one to get it? Probably not, but the thing WOKE ME UP at 3am with its squeaking as Jack once again tried to trap it by Lily's Little People house. No one messes with my sleep. NO ONE. And yes, the famous startle noise was heard throughout the Taylor house...and not just MY startle noise.

p.s. did I mention we are trying to sell our house?


Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Cathy!

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ~Nelson Henderson

My friend Cathy is having a birthday. She is also kind of going through a rough time because she is doing this amazingly unselfish and wonderful thing. She is one of those people you need to know. One of those people you wish you could be. So let's wish her a wonderful birthday cause she deserves it!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. It has rained all day today. This morning I woke up at 6am because of, well being pregnant, and when I was finally falling asleep I heard about the loudest and longest thunder ever. I swear it had to have been 20 seconds. It shook the house.
2. I have a new February banner, but I have yet to scan it. It will be up tomorrow :)
3. I went to the post office today to mail my final CJ entry. Unfortunately I got behind two guys that were obviously (and annoyingly) very productive ebay entrepreneurs. I had to wait a long, l o n g, time.
4. But I mailed this.Click on it to make it bigger. I feel like it is an instant family heirloom. I love that.
5. As this is one that I HAVE to recreate for myself, I HAD to go to Archivers today to get more of the Noteworthy paper. How can I help it if a few extra things jumped into my basket?
6. Had another midwife appointment today. My extra crummy feeling is (in my own expert opinion) caused by the boy being currently breech. I CAN'T breath and have this terrible pressure in the top of my belly. Anyone else have a problem with a stubborn breech baby? Did they turn for you? I have exercises to do-let's hope they work. Soon.
7. I have never been so happy for something to return. A void has been filled. Suziebeezieland is back baby.
8. Lily had naptime in her big girl bed today. It did not go well, but eventually she fell asleep. Attempt number two is going on right now. I hope I do not return tonight with play by play.
9. Can I say that I am more than a little bit jealous that SOME people got to vote today?
10. I went shopping at the Gap yesterday and walked out with some major prida. (Bonus point to the person who can tell me what that means. And yes I do realize this negates all cool points.) Six boy items for under $17 dollars. And uh, thank you very much Bapa :)


Monday, February 04, 2008

Don't panic! I can still be cool.

A few days ago something happened. Something that I never thought in a million, billion years would ever happen to me. Not me. No way. No how. NEVER. We bought a mini van.

You ok?

I'll wait for you to climb back into your chair.

You back? Ok.

So we did it. We took the plunge and got a very nicely loaded 2005 Town & Country with (and I say whoo hoo here) heated leather seats. Again I say whoo hoo. As far as car purchases go I kind of realized that it was a necessity more than a want. But I kept saying to myself, "It's ok. You can put your Phish sticker up in the window and it will redeem some of your cool." Sad, but I was really putting all my phish into one basket.
So we are cleaning out my super cool sporty Jeep Liberty.
I open the back window to remove my beloved Phish sticker.
A possession that has been with me since, gosh at least the mid 90's.
Has traveled with me thousands of miles with three different vehicles.
I start peeling.
And it shreds before my very eyes. SHREDS. BEFORE MY EYES.

My jaw dropped. I gasped. I almost cried (ok not really, but let's just keep up the dramatics ok?)

But it is ok. Even though the band doesn't technically exist anymore, I can get a replacement.AND I can get a cute little baby hat for the boy.All is well. This means I can still be cool.



Friday, February 01, 2008

Orange Juice Container Predictions

In the spirit of getting ready how about a little contest? Let's figure out when the boy is going to be born. The only correct answer for miss Bridget was an orange juice container. So will my orange juice container win this time?Please note that my container date is NOT after my due date. I will not tempt fate ;)
Technically my official due date is April 4. Guess my actual due date, time, weight, length and heck lets throw in the name too. Sorry folks, when we finally do figure out a name for the boy (NOT THOR) we have decided to keep it a little secret. What will you win? Well, I haven't quite come up with that yet, but it will be a fun little package. Let the predictions begin! Oh and feel free to check YOUR orange juice never know.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting ready.

Lots of preparations are beginning for the boy (who still doesn't have a name by the way.) My biggest decision is to stroller or not to stroller. I have a perfectly good stroller that Lily (for the most part) still sits in just fine. She does NOT do so well out of a stroller yet. She is a wanderer that girl. So my dilemma is this.
Do I get this? The stand/sit option for a stroller.I have read some mixed reviews.
Or should I go with thisComfy and cozy for the boy, but the thought of having to get him out of the car seat all the time doesn't really appeal to me, but the price difference does. SO. What do you think? Please discuss.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have been in the mood to scrap lately. In fact in the past few weeks I have created SIXTEEN pages. Yup. SIXTEEN. Want to see a few?
2. Engaged.One of my very dearest friends in the world just got engaged. I am so very happy for her and her beau. And yes, that is part of a Target giftcard that I have saved for probably two years. There is a reason for my madness.
3. I resolve.My resolution page for the year.
4. Rock Pictures.Remember these pictures? Now they are together on a nice little layout.
5. I played softball. Sadly, you do not get to see this one as I am REALLY hoping you will perhaps see it in the pages of Simple Scrapbooks someday.
6. My 12 days of Christmas album. DONE. FINISHED. And exactly a month after Christmas. I am proud. But alas I don't have it scanned yet, so you will have to wait a while longer.
7. Since I don't have any other layouts to show you, how about some of my favorite scrap stuff? The Sassafras Lass owl paper. If only it was in stock somewhere.
8. I am in LOVE with the Loveland line from Scenic Route. Haven't actually used it yet, but it is in my pile awaiting some cute valentine's pictures.
9. This woman is AMAZING. I LOVE every single one of her layouts!
10. And finally, I am REALLY excited about this "book" coming out!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Beautiful Juliette


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Juliette Louise Pershey
7 pounds, 15 ounces
20.5 inches
Born 9:12 PT on January 24, 2008

Pictures soon I hope!


Little annoyances.

1. What I should be doing is finishing scrubbing everything down for the TWO showings today. And the one on Saturday. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to finally have people interested, but I NEVER WANT TO SELL A HOUSE AGAIN.
2. Especially when I am pregnant.
3. Especially when I am STILL sick, although I can swallow without the tears streaming down my face so that is improvement. As long as I don't start coughing.
4. I woke up FOUR times last night because I had to get up to get a drink my throat hurt so badly. Hopefully I am over the worst of this.
5. This should be cute, but anyone who has a two year old, knows that the repetitive stuff can eventually get on the nerves. Lily LOVES peanut butter and jelly (which she calls "butter jelly time") and LOVES lunch. So she starts asking "Butter jelly time??" at about 10:30 every day. Over, and OVER, and OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER again. Problem when we don't eat lunch until 12:00 most days. She has just developed much cuter ways of asking.
The first a song...
Butter Jelly time!
Butter Jelly time!
Hi-ho the derry-o
It's Butter Jelly time.

The second...
I was scrubbing the bathroom and she came in and looked like she was eating something. Just as I was about to ask her what, I realized, she was MOUTHING the words "Butter Jelly time." I did just say that I didn't want to hear the words "Butter Jelly time" again...


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this just in

Lily LOCKED me out of the house tonight when I went out to warm up the car. DEADBOLT and all. Sneaky little girl. Good thing she has the ability to follow directions and unlock them...this time.


Ten on Tuesday

1. Nope, no baby yet, but check out the BEAUTIFUL and super cool nursery!
2. I am sick. I feel ok except for maybe the WORST sore throat EVER. The kind that wakes you up in the middle of the night. The kind that makes you not want to talk. Or eat. Or swallow. Ok and maybe my head is starting to get achy. Boo.
3. I am almost done with my 12 days of Christmas album. I just have one page to do, one page to finish and the cover to do. And it is only January. That is what two days of scrapping ALL day will do for you. Whoo Hoo.
4. Anyone hear the new Macbook Air commercial? Yael Naim does the music in case you were wondering.
5. It snowed last night so at least we are getting something pretty out of this ridiculously cold weather.
6. I am really, really behind on posting and scanning layouts lately. I have a pile. A really big pile. Here's my Cj for December...and yes I had to make ANOTHER "Y" out of an "X."
7. Lily is playing letters right now. She makes up a song about each. "A a a a a a a a a a." "Jumping J j j j j j j j j j." "L for Lily L l l l l l l l l." Yes. It is really cute.
8. I am taking a photoshop class from Adrienne Looman in February. Can I tell you how excited I am about this?
9. My throat really, really hurts.
10. I am off to go eat another Popsicle to soothe my hurty throat. *edited* My Popsicle was a "joke" Popsicle. The "joke?" When are feet on your face? When they are crow's feet. I think I should be offended now.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Mama: Lily, what color is Grover?
Lily: yellow.
Mama: No, Grover is blue.
Lily: Blue. Grover is blue!
Mama: What color is Kermit?
Lily: mmmmmmmmmmhhh.
Mama: Green. Kermit is green.
Lily: It's not easy being green.

So that's why she STILL doesn't know her colors. Already all these song lyrics stuck in her head. Just like her Mama.


High Tech Present of the year

This year was a bit of a high tech Christmas for the Taylor family. We got Bj's mom her a digital frame loaded with a ton of pictures. High tech. For Justin, Bj's brother, we got a digital key chain. Whoo hoo super high tech. What did I get? This.Straight from 1991, the "digital" frame for the 90's. Let's take a closer look shall we? REVOLUTIONARY. Yup. With push/pull action.I mean come on-it's interactive! This is what we used to get excited about. Now let's take a look inside.Brimming with 90's technology! So what comes next you ask? Load the pictures. No more than 40, but no less than 12.Next slide the drawer closed. What a nice frame.Now slide the drawer open. See what is happening! The bottom photo is peeking through!Now this is revolutionary technology!! Now close the drawer, and presto chango...a new picture all ready for your viewing pleasure.Sadly there is one major design flaw which probably prevented this amazing technology from really catching on. Photo crunching.So are you just SO jealous of my high tech present? Well you can get your VERY OWN here. But a warning to you, although my frame was in the dusty section of our local camera store thus VERY cheap, you have to pay a lot more for an "undusty" version.

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