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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Trapping and random thoughts

So as you may know we have some extra residents in our house which we are trying to get rid of-and no it is not the cats or my DH;) So far we have successfully trapped an opossum, a very angry squirrel, and the neighbor's raccoons. I do have to report that Bj is a whole lot braver than I thought as he is the one who let the squirrel out of captivity...let's just say that I was safely tucked away inside for that one.

I have in front of me one of my bills from a company that thinks we live in Wyaligota Falls. No clue how they got that out of Cuyahoga. We just think it is too funny to change.

The other day Lily's binky hit the floor and simultaneously Bj and I started singing "Let the binkys hit the floor!" NOT that either of us listen to that kind of music, but it was an interesting reference. I think that the real song goes "Let the bodies hit the floor?" Again, not that we listen to that...

Every time Bj trips on something (or nothing) lately, he says "Like a gazelle!" and does some graceful "prance" away. It is really funny...he is going to be so happy that I just said that he prances...

In the past two weeks Lily has found her feet (and chews on them all the time) rolls over, has her 3D vision and can grap EVERYTHING, and likes to try to put her binky in MY mouth.

My Gap store, the one where I worked 45 hours in three days to open as a Merchandising Manager, went out of business. Yes it was probably fated after NINE store managers in five years, and an Assistant Manager who stole THOUSDANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from the store (more than enough to buy a HORSE), but I am still a bit sad.

I am trying very hard to learn how to knit. My mama is teaching me. Sadly, she is not there at 10:30pm when I screw up (again) and don't know how to fix it. I really need to learn how to fix problems. Perhaps I would finally end up with a finished product.

I love Project Runway. Go Daniel, go Daniel, GO!


Blogger Susie said...

Was it a flying squirrel? Luckily, I have never encountered one, but they seem ridiculously freaky.

Where do you live- the woods? (I mean that in the nicest of ways, of course.) I'll have to do a topography search and find out.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Suzanne B. said...

I love, love these random thoughts!

I never learned how to fix knitting mistakes, either . . . which is death to knitting, I think, because the mistakes do happen. Maybe I'll call my mama. :)

Good luck with the critter catching. :)

11:25 AM  
Blogger bec said...

I rely on my mom for all of my knitting mistakes...and she's two hours away...

12:16 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

I cannot believe it took me so long to jump on the Project Runway bandwagon.

I looooove it. Bravo had a marathon yesterday during the day, so we TiVoed the whole lot. I can't decide who I like best. Elizabeth is right; Santino is a sore loser. Daniel and Chloe are great, although I think I might like Nick best. Do not tell me who was kicked off last night, because I haven't gotten nearly that far.

I'm so, so sorry you have raccoon problems. May the spirit of Ann and Dan be with you.

1:00 PM  
Blogger michelle_d said...

Wow there is alot going on at your place! Don't read my blog (it'll be kinda boring)

I'm thinking about trying knitting again. I haven't done it since I was about 10 and I'm not sure if I would remember how. Is it like riding a bicycle. My mom lives really close so I might give it a try.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

Katherine-thank you so much for the Ann and Dan reference. Now can anyone else tell me where that is from?????

10:43 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'm totally giggling over Susie's presumption that you live in the woods. Tee hee hee.

10:14 PM  

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