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Friday, March 03, 2006

Old Friends, new friends

In the past week I have had the opportunity to meet with three of my oldest friends. Last Monday I got to have lunch with my friend Stephanie, Kerry, and her brand new baby Gwen (oh and Lily came too). It was so fun for us to get together as it had been way too long. So much has changed since we first met way back in high school. We are now married and have children (or almost) and have lived and are living different lives than we once were. Although so much has changed we can pick up a conversation like no time has gone by. Talk about past memories and swap advice about current events. It is so nice to have such wonderful friends like this. We ended our lunch with a vow that we will never go that long without talking again-I think we will keep it this time.

On Sunday I got to spend the entire day with my oldest friend in the world-Liz. She who knows me best, who knows my secrets and who I know hers. She is the friend who comisserated with me way back in sixth grade when I had to have this icky guy put his arm around me in this play we were in called Wheels! She was also in my wedding to this very guy. Her parents are like my parents-in fact as I was over at her parent's house showing off Lily, her mom invited me to give them a scenic picture I had taken for their wall of pictures in their newly built bathroom. My picture will join the wall with the rest of the Troyer kids. I was more touched than she will ever know, but it just makes sense. I feel part of their family because I ALWAYS have been. We have always joked that we talked to each other in our Mama's tummys.

{I give up-here was supposed to be the cutest pic of Liz and I in our halloween costumes way back in 1980, but it just won't work-comes up gray everyting...may think about this whole typepad thing...}

So here's to old friends. Here's to new friends that we have never met but have become dear to our hearts. Friends that we may not see as much as we would like, friends that are too far away to see every day, or friends whose busy schedules are tough to rearrange. I miss you all and I hope to see you all very soon.


Blogger Susie said...

I love old friends, and new friends. And I hope you will always make special time for those ones so dear to you. truly.

1:03 AM  

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