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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Choir, a thank you and a 10 month birthday.

I went to choir last night. My old choir. The one I went to Italy with. The one Doc directs. Wow I really needed that. Is there something that you do that just seems to heal you? Something that makes you want to mouth thank you to your friend across the stage in the alto section for dragging you to rehearsal? For those of you who have kiddos out there, I highly recommend getting them interested in choir. Really. OK so maybe it is not the coolest thing they will ever do. But maybe, just maybe they will love it. Maybe, just maybe they will want to do it for the rest of their lives. I am not talking about being a professional musician or teaching music, (although I recommend that as well) but maybe just maybe they will always be part of music in some way. I may direct a choir, and I LOVE doing it, but it is just not the same feeling. I direct a choir for my members. For the audience. I sing in a choir for me. The warm-ups. The sightreading. The sound of the guys. The blend of your voice with the girl next to you. And yes, even the high Bb that I haven’t attempted in a year. I love it all. So thanks Jenya for making me go. I needed that.

What else is happening? My lovely little baby is growing up. Fast. Lillian is 10 months old today. I can’t believe it. This time has gone so fast. So for old times sake, here is a list of 10 things that she does that makes her Lily.
1. She has a cute crawl where she pulls with her arms and kicks her legs really, really, really fast.
2. She loves climbing all over me and loves it when I help her stand up.
3. She always eats her puffs with her right hand, but first she picks one puff up in her left hand and holds it there until she is done. Kinda gross, but very cute.
4. She still doesn’t have any teeth.
5. She kicks her legs and claps her feet and pants when she is happy.
6. It is impossible to change her diaper.
7. She hides her head when she sees new people (OH I love that!)
8. She holds onto the tray of her high chair and flexes her hands before every bite.
9. When I get her dressed and she is holding a toy, she moves the toy to the hand that is not having its sleeve removed (ok I know that is horrible writing, but I just couldn’t figure out how to say that)
10. The first time she went swimming she was scared half to death. The second time she loved it.

I will have pictures later so come back soon!


Blogger Susie said...

Sounds like Lily's personality is blooming. How fun for you :)

11:08 AM  
Anonymous nadine said...

happy 10 months to lily! i love the little lily list! holy alliteration. ;)

and i also love that you do the choir thing. i've always loved singing, but i've never been in a choir. i'm jealous that what you do for a living is music.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Charissa said...

I'm always jealous when I go to church... because there is something so cool about wearing the choir robe and singing in a church choir. I know the song choices aren't always the best (at least in choirs I've been in), but singing in church always feels so glorious to me..... (sigh)

11:14 AM  
Anonymous amber said...

I completely miss choir. I can almost feel warm-ups, but I'm all by myself, so it's not the same.I'm a bit jealous

3:10 PM  
Blogger christine said...

what a great list! They change so fast.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

sweet memories of Lily.

Is there something that you do that just seems to heal you? yep, vbs. ;) in part because it involves singing great music with hundreds of kids that are singing their hearts out and doing motions and loving God. LOVE THAT!! Fills me up to overflowing. Can't get enough of it.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Renee said...

ok you totally just made me get baby fever. bad. i'm sure brian will want to personally thank you :-)

11:36 PM  
Blogger Mi'Chelle said...

OOh! I love that she shifts her toy hand when getting dressed. I'm still always amazed that Brie can do that.

4:26 PM  

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