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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

1. I love a clean room :)
2. I love getting things done on to do lists.
3. I love scrapping during naptime too. This is for the one little word blog 4. I really did have other things to do today besides scrapbook, but I HAD to try out my clean space don't you know.
5. I miss Grey's Anatomy
6. Sometimes I really wish you could see into our house sometimes. Namely when my darling husband makes up songs about toast. Seriously. Complete with choreography.
7. But then you could see that I really need to do laundry. And dust. And clean out my closets. And about a million other things. Never mind. Just take my word that it was stinking hilarious.
8. Anyone else miss Elizabeth's photo of the day?
9. Lily has a crazy Mama (me going down the slide at the park the other day...)
10. An there's Lily, waking up from her nap-off I go!

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Blogger Lynn said...

Love your 'stop' layout! Great job!

one little word

4:14 PM  
Blogger Mindi said...

cute picture!! :)

6:07 PM  
Blogger Susie said...

yes, your stop layout looks awesome!

I love the mama goin' down the slide- I will add that to my list of things to do this week. Do you think it would be okay if L went down with me?

6:07 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

That is such a cute pictures of you!!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Mary Jo said...

I've been wanting to do that "one word" challenge.
Love the layout!
And that photo of you on the slide is to cute :0)

10:40 PM  
Blogger Missy said...

Great post! You are too cute! Love the layout!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Mi'Chelle said...

oh my gosh, you're adorable!

Everything looks great (layout, pic, everything), and I miss Elizabeth's photo-a-day like mad.

1:11 AM  
Blogger shelly b said...

What a great photo!!!! You are gorgeous!! And I love that LO!!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Tamara Nicole said...

I am going through grey's anatomy withdrawls too! Anyway, found your blog through a friends;-) very cute page there!

3:47 AM  

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