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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The misleading tree

This is why I seem to be so fall obsessed. This tree which has already lost almost all of its leaves and makes me think of fall every time I look out the window even though it is 82 degrees outside today. Just blame it on this tree.
So I don't know if anyone else gets the Children's Place mailers, but I almost want to ban them for improper use of a piano. FYI: a piano is not something that you STAND OR WALK ON. Perhaps lounge on the top and sing sultry love songs, but that would be a whole other ad campaign entirely. Hmphf.



Blogger Missy said...

Got the mailer, love the little christmas outfits inside. tee heee- didn't even notice walking on the piano thing, but if it would've been an incorrect plie, I would've noticed. hee hee

8:27 AM  

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