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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

19 months

Dear Lily,
You are now 19 months old. I wish I would stop thinking "I can't believe you are already 'blank' months old," but I don't think that is going to end any time soon. You are just growing so fast. Every time I look at you now I don't think baby. I think little girl. You have made some big changes this month-the biggest the ability to eat some foods uncut. WHOO HOO I think. No more cutting up toast every single morning. You prefer to eat it your way. We went to Bob Evans with your grandparents this past Sunday and low and behold you ate a pancake without me cutting it into a thousand pieces. I also believe that when you finally get to see your cousin Maddie and your Uncle Ben you may just give them a run for their money-you ate all five of your child size pancakes.

Your gibberish has also evolved this month. Conversations with, well whoever feels like listening can go on for ten minutes or more. And you know exactly what you are saying...I can't wait until we do. You still say uh-oh about a million times a day, but you have now added saying Mama to your list. Sure you could always say Mama, you just chose not to. Now it is a regular in your repertoire. I just love that.

Your favorite toys lately have been your baby doll which although you kiss on command, when I ask you to give her a hug you put her down on the ground and sign hug (which is actually just hugging yourself) and oh my is it cute. You also have found a love for your Sandra Boynton books-Dog Train, Rhinoceros Tap, and Philadelphia Chicken. You love stacking blocks, talking on the phone, dancing, singing to yourself, reading stories (alone and with Mama), throwing your toys in the trash, playing champion with Mama and Daddy (yeah, thanks for that one E) playing with your fridge farm, and spreading your toys ALL OVER. You have finally gotten the hang of your puzzles, and you enjoy doing them over...and over again.

You are thoroughly enjoying babynastics, your favorite activity being jumping on the trampoline. Again and again-by yourself. No mama help needed. Perhaps you may not learn any actual skills, but at least you will have some strong legs. You definitely have a one track mind for your swing out back and periodically during the day you go to the back door and whimper, wanting to get outside. It will be warmer soon hon.

Another new skill that I am NOT too pleased with is climbing up on your rocking chair, standing up on it and trying to balance. This was the first and last day of that trick-mean mama took away your new toy. Hmmmmphf.

So you definitely have your moments of unhappiness yelling and throwing things, but for the most part you are just the happiest little girl I ever did see and I love you more and more each day.
love, mama



Anonymous nadine said...

by the time i have kids, they will have perfected that whole "stop them from growing up" thing. :)

1:01 AM  
Anonymous amber joy said...

I love that little moment, that you never quite catch, where all of a sudden the baby disappears and the little person pops out.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Mary Jo said...

I cannot believe she is 19 months old!

Once they start talking everything changes :0)
But I say that about almost every stage.

1:05 PM  

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