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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This girl is growing up

I can't believe how much Lily has changed this summer. For instance, she started the summer looking like this...and now she looks like this
And she talks. ALL the time. She says things like
1. You're too big Mama. Too big. (great for a girl's self esteem I say)
2. Hi bag. How are you doing?
3. Play with toys Mama? Play with toys Mama? Play with toys Mama? Play with toys Mama? Play with toys Mama? Play with toys Mama? Play with toys Mama? Play with toys Mama? (she tends to repeat things sometimes...)
4. Daaaaaaddddyyyyy where aaarrrr yooooooou?
5. MissyMayaBen? MissyMayaBen?
6. Call Nonnie (insert Daddy, Bapa, MorMor...)
7. Yo play poppers Mama (or insert any toy name...)
8. To room! Diaper! Nap Nap!
9. GO GO GO! (sigh, she is now a Diego fan...)
10. See Daddy! (insert any name here)
11. Bess you Mama! Bess you! Bess you Mama...etc, etc, etc...)
12, Ya fall down. (insert kix or book or popper or bear or [ ] for ya...)
And I know there are many others, but that's what I can come up with now. Oh except now when she say "all done," it comes out as a little British child. OH SO CUTE.She is also learning so much now. She has been able to count to ten for a while, but the other day she actually counted five things. Starting to get the concept of counting, not just the words. And she knows some letters. And a few colors. And shapes. It is just so much fun. She makes me laugh OUT LOUD every single day. No one told me how incredibly fun this whole parenting thing could actually get :)



Blogger Elizabeth said...

Dear Lily,

Please come visit your Aunt Elizabeth again now that you're not so much a baby as you were in the spring. I promise you'll have more fun. And tell your mama to remember this post when you turn 2.5. :D

Aunt Elizabeth

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Nicole Russell Willis said...

She's so close in age to Delaney and all the things they do! I love it!! Too bad we can't meet at the park for a play date!! :)

5:49 PM  
Blogger Susie said...

Ah.. she's looking so grown up!

8:26 PM  
Blogger Mary Jo said...

So cute!
And you will be so glad you documented all her little sayings because three years from now you possibly won't quite remember them all :0)

10:10 AM  
Anonymous nadine said...

i love her little denim jacket!

12:04 AM  
Blogger shelly b said... sweet!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous amber said...

oh, please tell me what you did to those photos?

10:38 AM  

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