Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes. All make up A Day in the Life of the Taylor trio.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tummy Time

Little noises (List requested by Aunt E)

Lily makes the most adorable little noises. For those of you who can't hear them, I will do my best to describe my favorite three.
1. The snicker. Lily's nickname is Snickers. She has gotten this name by "laughing" constantly. Her laugh kind of sounds like a combination of the Woody the Woodpecker laugh, and this coughing snicker. It is adorable.
2. The groan. When Lily stretches she makes gutteral groans of varying pitches. The snicker may occur intermittently during her stretch. Oh and her feet do this cute spastic shake when she stretches as well.
3. The sleeping coo/grunt. Sometimes when Lily sleeps she make this cooing noise (can also be a grunt). This noise occurs once every second, and can last up to five minutes.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lillian's Stats

Signs that Lily is growing up
1. Outfits that were huge on her just a few short weeks ago are now fitting, or even tight!
2. Grandma Willis and I decided to weigh her and measure her with the super accurate technology of bathroom scale and yardstick and we have decided that she weighs 9lbs, 3oz, and is 21" long!
3. On Friday after an extremely unpleasant spitting up incident envolving a pacifier, she cried real tears.
4. Lily has developed the most horrible baby acne. Although the internet can be helpful, sometimes it is just NOT. They said on one site that you should just take as many pictures as you can before it happens. Well, thank you very much.
5. Her legs are stretching out more and more, instead of being tucked up all the time.
6. She has moved to the size one swaddler diaper-which looks HUGE to me.
7. Lily is a "fat leg, a fat legged girl."
8. She is sometimes sleeping for three and four hour intervals. Hooray!!!
9. She is holding her head up more and more during tummy time.
10. Lily had her eyes open for the first time at storyhour...for about two seconds, right at the end.

Friday, September 23, 2005

September 21, 2005


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yummy thumb

Mmmmm yummy thumb.

My favorite place

It's funny how certain places in my life have stuck with me, completely unchanged and preserved in my memory. The town where I grew up has changed so much that I can only vaguely remember how the old city hall looked, the old high school, or what existed on the land where Walgreen’s, Target, Applebee’s now sit. There is one place however, that no matter how many years go by, or how different it has become since the remodel, I remember every single detail: the glass block windows, the brown textured bricks, the smell of popcorn on movie Saturdays. My favorite place as a child-the library.

As you walked in the library, the circulation desk was on the left and the magazine room was on the right. Keep walking and there were the multiple microfiche machines(something I wonder if Lily will ever even see in her life), paperbacks on spinning racks on the left, and the teenage section on the right. Straight back was the "older kids" room. You had to be in middle school to go back to that section. I will never forget the first time I got to go back there. So many years I had wanted to sneak in and see what mysteries they were keeping beyond that sign that prevented anyone under the age of thirteen from entering. Finally old enough, I walked back with head held high; book bag slung over my shoulder and found a small desk with wooden partitions to provide maximum concentration.

Before I gained access to the big kid room, I spent my time in the Children's Room, many of those hours with my best friend Liz. It was a big open space with a mural on the wall showing characters from favorite books, and a glass display case where once upon a time I shared my beloved cat collection with the world. It was a room where you could sprawl out on the floor with a favorite book (I always seemed to choose The Fourteen Bears of Summer and Winter). I went to story hour (with Liz). I went to costume parties (Liz dressed in a green and yellow clown suit, me in a leopard suit). I went to feed my insatiable appetite for books.

Why this trip down memory lane? On Monday Lily went to her very first story hour in the updated and brightly painted Children's Room. So yes she is a bit young to understand what is going on, but I want some her first memories in life to include hours spent in the library, listening to stories, singing songs and perhaps meeting a best friend to share it all with.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mama please.

What Lily could be thinking...
Oh mama, why must you take so many pictures of me? I just don't understand. I have barely moved an inch since your last picture, and I think you have taken at least sixty pictures. In the last thirty seconds. Aren't you getting tired yet?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Looking for the must read book of the year

I am looking for the must read book of the year. A book so thrilling I will be longing to bound out of bed at 2am, 3am, 4am and 5:30am thinking "Ooo I was hoping my sweet daughter would want to eat now so I can find out what happened to ___________." Now let me clarify my request by saying I am looking for a book to read at 2am, 3am, 4am and 5:30am. Consequently I may not have the mental clarity to process abstract philosophical or geopolitical themes. I am looking for a light, flighty, whimsical read-at-the-beach type of book that will be able to prevent my hungry daughter from seeing her Mama asleep and drooling slightly above her. I am not above taking suggestions of the Danielle Steel variety nor would I pass up a novel that to a snooty literary critic may be considered "trash." I would also greatly appreciate a massive letter writing campaign asking J.K. Rowling to quickly finish book seven and mail a copy to my doorstep. You may include in the letter that I promise not to tell anyone how the series ends. Lily thanks you in advance for your suggestions.

Meet Lily

Name: Lillian Marie Taylor
Born: August 21, 2005
Weight: 6lbs, 13oz
Height: 19"
Nicknames: Lily, peanut, pea, sweetpea, snickerdoodle, pickle
Favorite Activity: Sleeping, eating, and looking at her Mama
Weight now: 7lbs, 12oz
Height now: 19 3/4"

Welcome to my Blog!

It has taken a while, but I Marie Taylor am finally entering the world of blogging. It seems that the rest of the world (and my sisters) are far ahead of me in this journey, but now seems to be the time. My hope is to connect my friends and family that are just too far away from me, Bj and our sweet daughter Lily. Now everyone who is a little bit too far can still see what a day in the life of the Taylors is like. Welcome to my blog!