Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes. All make up A Day in the Life of the Taylor trio.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Calendar 2008

Hey all you scrapping ladies-it is time to sign up for the 2008 Paper Pin-ups Calendar! If you are interested please leave your name in the comments and choose a month. First come first serve. This year Katy had the great idea to do a quote calendar. I am going to mix it up and choose April this year. All other months are open! Sign up soon-should be another great calendar!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Aniversary!

It hasn't all been perfect, but we did it together and we did it in love.
Happy Anniversary!
love, will

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Friday, July 27, 2007

and one more layout...

Here is my next CJ entry for Missy's. I never know what to do with those pictures we try to take of ourselves that don't work...even though I love those memories too :)

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A few layouts


Fun with photoshop

it does help when the subject looks like Cass ;)


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ten on Tuesday..uh Wednesday edition

1. Is there really not going to be any more Harry Potter??? *sigh*
2. Lily has officially outgrown her (my) favorite jeans. Long and Leans from the Gap. SO stinkin' cute but Gap doesn't carry them anymore. I may have to actually attempt to find the next size up on ebay...uncharted territory!!
3. Poor Shelly. I now have SO MANY super attractive photos of her as she was my accidental subject at Karen Russell's photo class in Columbus this Friday. Hopefully this blackmail will prevent these kind of pictures to be released to the public again ;)
4. I am in love with this and must recreate it...oh and I got the original link here.
5. Did you know that Ben Kweller did a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins song Today? and IT ROCKS. Anyone know where I can get this album? I know that it is a myspace thing, but as I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MYSPACE AND LIKE IT THAT WAY, I don't know how to get it. But if you want to hear it go here. Yeah, to myspace.
6. Why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME I open up a garbage bag I try the wrong side first? every. single. time.
7. It is REALLY hard to reorganize Lily's toys with Lily in the room. Just trust me on this one. I think every single toy is out again. *sigh*
8. But when she says "Hep Mama. Hep." when she needs assistance getting a toy box open it makes everythink ok :)
9. This makes everything ok too
10. And for the record I did start this ten on tuesday yesterday...just got sidetracked...very, very sidetracked.


Saturday, July 21, 2007


And that's all she wrote...


Important notice

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing for a quick announcement. This blog will be shut down until which time the writer completely finishes Harry Potter. The writer also wishes to inform that she will not answer the telephone, answer email, or lift a finger to do anything but read until which time she has finished the final installment of the Harry Potter series. Sorry for the inconvenience.
the management

Don't worry...she will probably be back tonight.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Hope you have a wonderful day :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

tee hee hee hee*

So we went to the fountain today.
Lily is just a little bit skittish about it.
But her ball was in the middle.
She had to go get it.
She waited until there was no water coming up.
And walked to the middle.
But then...
everything changed.
tee hee heeoh and she didn't run out, nope, tiny, s l o w baby steps.
*disclaimer: no babies were harmed in the taking of these photos :)
*and click on the pictures for the full effect of the faces ;)



Went to the Gap yesterday and got $160 worth of clothing for TWENTY BUCKS including a hand made crocheted tank, two other tanks and a pretty pink dress.

Gotta love a bargain :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

1. I live in a zoo. No I swear. This morning I woke up to the sound of elephants, lions, monkeys, sheep, goats, horses, ducks, doggies, choo choos, beep beeps, and Yankee Bayonet by the Decemberists, the ah ah ah part. It is an eclectic zoo.
2. Lily and I go for A LOT of walks. She has been very fun to walk with as everything she sees gets a point and an "ooooo!!!!" She knows when to stop to see the tree that always has the squirrels in it, the yard that always seems to have a bunny, the street where she can always get the doggies to start barking and cause their neighbors to scream at them (yeah, that's great) and she always says "Home!" when we are turning the corner to go home. Her favorite new game is to play stop and go. Sure cute, sure fun, but oh my GOODNESS it takes a really long time to get around the block.
3. Unfortunately there is also a place Lily seems to fall down. She has fallen down twice and gotten some minor scrapes, but last night she went boom and then her head (with a resounding thud) also went boom. I tried to take her back home but she said "NO home. Walk! Walk! Walk!" Goose egg aside, she does seem fine.
4. 3 days 10 hours and 5 minutes till Harry Potter (in case you wanted to know)
5. Lily's nap head from a few days ago...
6. In addition to her barn yard sounds Lily is now also saying with great regularity: MAMA!!!! DADDY!!!!!, all gone, more, honey, NO, Nonie (grandma,) Baba (grandpa,) Mor Mor, Missy, Maya, walk, yes, home, NO, COOOOOOKIE!!!!, Elmo, Ech Ech! (just think Ernie's laugh) Bert, NO, eat, sleepy, nap nap, night night, Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!, NO, NOPE, what, how, why, where, who, up, apple, doggie, chomp chomp, nummy, and others that I just can't think of right now...NO is definitely her favorite right now. Oh and she sings the alphabet song but only A B C D A B CEEEEEEEEE and so on. It's really cute ;)
7. 16 days left before I turn the big three-oh. crud.
8. Blurry picture, but this is Lily dancing (yet again) to her fridge farm. She LOVES this thing!
9. Lily is also getting really good at following directions. Like "please use your fork"...she gets her fork. "Lily, go get your crocs"...she gets her shoes and puts them on. Or this morning, "Lily please go find your clippy" and yes, she got her clippy :)
10. And finally, here is a photo from my first "official" photo shoot :)


Friday, July 13, 2007

Flashback Friday:: Harry edition

I got to see the fifth installment of the Harry Potter movies last night-and yep, I really liked it. As I stood outside with the group of friends discussing the movie and the upcoming book, we felt like a bunch of pre-teens waiting for their parents to come pick them up. I think the consensus is we are excited to read the final book, but sad that it is almost over. It has been a fun run. One that I don't know will ever be repeated. I mean how many books will be so good, cause so much excitement, that they shut down entire towns while they transform every store into a shop from Hogsmeade? What book will cause former non-reading kiddos into devouring 300+ page books?
I remember reading my first Harry book. Elizabeth had come back from Montana for Christmas and I was sitting on the couch of my parent's house waiting for her arrival...while reading "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."
She walked in the door, and *gasp* I was in the middle of a chapter.
I looked up with a worried look on my face and she said "It's ok, finish your chapter first."
She understood
So now begins my wait for book seven. The final one. The countdown is on my computer 7 days 12 hours 46 minutes. And a feeble request to the universe out there that NO ONE talks about the book if they think they KNOW what happens. No spoilers. No hints. I am going to savor this last one to the best of my ability. Because it is the last.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ten on Tuesday:: dusty edition

It seems that I have taken a little unplanned vacation from blogging so sorry for those with allergies-it is a little dusty around how about a little ten on tuesday for ya?

1. Drats...another one bites the dust. That's right Charissa is 30 today. And she is the last of my group to turn...all except me. And it is coming. Soon. Drats...oh and happy birthday dear Charissa :)
2. Can a share a little pet peeve with you all? I mean another one? Love, Elsie. I LOVE the paper. LOVE IT. BUT. The "music" paper from the supposed "music lover?" WRONG NOTES ALL OVER IT. Notes written upside down. Stems on the wrong side. I know, I know, many people unfortunately don't know that it's wrong so who cares right? First of all that is just sad for our music education programs, and this is the same as a typo in a book. Like spelling cat wrong. Because it is just that basic. Someone really should have checked that. Humphf.
3. That being said, I really do love her paper as you can see here...finally. My new CJ

this is my favorite part-a recycled toy from Lily's Subway kids meal :)
and yes, I TOTALLY lifted the title from kellicrow. It just spoke to me :)
4. I went to see Ben Folds and Brett Dennen at Blossom a few weeks ago. It was really odd and kind of surreal that just about every one else there was there to see John Mayer. And for the record I think that I was just about the only one who knew ALL the words to Brett Dennen or had heard of him for that matter. And yeah, still don't really like John Mayer.
5. Our July 4th was good-I marched in the parade with the alumni band...yes, major band dork here :)
6. This past weekend Missy, Nancy (who really needs to get a blog ;) and I had a HUGE garage sale. I did pretty darn well so my reward is thisit is called the Roxie Cruiser...and I am so excited :)
7. Did I mention that Charissa is 30 today????
8. Oooo! OOOooooo! Oooooo! And Harry Potter comes out tonight!!! Going to see it SOON I hope :)
9. Bj has been working hard on some pretty major projects lately. I hope to have some pictures soon. It is going to change our whole look of our house and I am pretty darn excited.
10. Oh and just in case you missed it, CHARISSA IS 30 TODAY!!!